Indoor Air Quality

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At Absolute All American, we offer an entire line of products to help you and those around you stay healthy and happy. Check out our line of environmental products and contact our team of knowledgeable technicians for more information. 

Air Purifiers - HVAC Contractors - Sellersburg, IN

Air Purifiers

Premier One air purifiers are the quietest, most effective air purification system on the planet. Ultraviolet lamps are used to produce the natural germicidal rays that kill germs and control allergens.

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Air Cleaners - HVAC Filters - Sellersburg, IN

Air Cleaner

Premier One air cleaners control smoke, pollen, dust, dust mite dander, and other organic and inorganic particles.

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Zoning Your Home

If you’re too hot during the summer, or too cold during the winter, your home HVAC system may not be functioning at its best, and that’s where we come in. Absolute All-American Heating and Cooling offers residential HVAC repair and installation to get your system back to as close to Factory Fresh as possible.

Your home should be your sanctuary and should always feel like so, despite the temperature outside.  Our promise is to make your home as comfortable as possible, all year-round.

  • Do you have issues where the second floor is several degrees warmer in the summer than the first floor?
  • Do you have multiple levels in your home?
  • Are all the levels of your home the same temperature?
  • Would you like to be able to keep your master bedroom area a few degrees cooler than the rest of your home?
  • Would you like more information on being able to use your existing HVAC system and be able to maintain temperatures throughout your home where you would be more comfortable?

We have all the answers to these issues!

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Hot in the summer? Cold in the winter?

We’ll keep you comfortable all year long.